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A young talented musician. A child prodigy. The single father of a little girl, in search of his own father, of his roots, of his bearings as a man. A testosterone charged tale spanning over three continents: Australia, North America and Europe.
With this non-fiction work Pasquale, a survivor of two divorces, wishes to expose the contrast existing between the ancient values of the past that we keep applying to our lives and the changes that have hijacked and shaped our present. In today’s life, how can we maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship? How can we cope with the emotional turmoil if a relationship ends? Marriage and the children of divorce; do we have to break a few old walls to still get to the end of the line together? Are these human romantic dreams gone forever?
40 SOMETHING, by Pasquale M Palmieri, is about friendship and other relationships. Join twelve friends as we peek into their lives, their fears and dreams. Set in Melbourne, this assorted group of friends comes from a variety of cultural backgrounds, reflecting the exciting diversity of contemporary, cosmopolitan Australia.
NOI, di Pasquale M Palmieri. Ambientato in una Roma senza tempo, una Roma di ieri e di oggi, NOI e’ la storia fantastica di sette individui che, a seguito di un improvviso quanto drammatico incontro, scoprono che le possibilit√† insite nelle scelte che ci si trova ad affrontare nell’arco della vita, vengono tutte vissute dai tanti noi che, nel momento della decisione, prendono strade diverse, in un intreccio di esperienze che vanno a formare una rete pluridimesionale composta di passato, presente e futuro, tutti coesistenti e reali nella relazione tra spazio e tempo.

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I liked this sharing and gonna pass through this to my father after ending mine Hope he will like this.

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Stay tuned my friend! Thanks

01.07 | 20:15

So I hear your next book is going to be coming out soon MR Palmieri...
That's fantastic and I for one can't wait!!

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