40 SOMETHING (In English)

Made in Melbourne by Pasquale M Palmieri

Published by Eloquent Books, Durham CT 06422
an imprint of Strategic Book Group New York, NY, USA
Strategic Book Group ISBN: 978-1-60911-781-8
308 pages


40 Something, a window of a few weeks in the life of twelve friends, their relationships, their fears, their idiosyncrasies and their dreams.
They come from varied paths and cultural backgrounds, reflecting the reality (and the miracle) of today’s cosmopolitan Australia, sharing their day-to-day experiences, hopes, emotions, frustrations and life’s gifts around a big dining table.
The fiction is set in contemporary Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay, following the twelve main characters and their friendship in what has become a rather peculiar, close family.
Starring around the big table
Luca, the devoted photographer, veteran of two divorces, often suspended between wisdom and confusion.
Patricia, the idealistic, inspired actress mostly out of work, but passionately free from compromises.
Manuel and Allison, the odd couple run out of breath preparing for the last leg of their journey, stuck in a battle of coercion and control.
Michael and Josie, the two survivors in search of new possibilities, lost in an ocean of boredom and disillusion.
Jonas and Silvie, the couple close to be stepping into the zone of no return in their relationship, protagonists of a story built on thin poles and just about to crumble.
Ross and Kathy, the successful couple structured and carefully assembled piece-by-piece, who have planned their life together, at each step, with no room for the "unexpected".
Liam, the happy gigolo by birth and single by definition, cruising through life, like a speeding luxury yacht.
Pamela, the attractive blond, once female essence lost in drug addiction; a living miracle, suddenly propelled to stardom.
Cat, the single mother finally feeling like a woman after her divorce

Available world-wide from www.amazon.com and other major online resellers
in both Paperback and Kindle e-book edition

Also available in Melbourne from:
Top Titles, 26 Church Street, Brighton
Readings, 112 Acland Street, St Kilda

The Grumpy Swimmer,  110 Ormond Road, Elwwod

Avenue Bookstore, 127 Dundas Place, Albert Park & 434 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick

or it can be ordered at any good bookstore via Ingram international distributor

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