Theatre play by Pasquale M Palmieri.

Set in contemporary Melbourne, Benjamin Mary is the tale of a couple in three phases of their relationship:
at 25, just married and in love, dreaming of a life together;
at 50, the apex of continuous ego confrontations,
at 75, both resigned to the unfolding of their story.
Alternating between humour and sadness, Benjamin Mary dares to expose a couple’s relationship as it transforms throughout the years.

Opened 28 May 2010 Australian Premiere
Gasworks Theatre, Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne

Produced by M I F

Directed by Izeqiel McCoy
Cast: Milan Perkins (Benjamin), Alice Sainsbury (Mary 25), Nancy Finn (Mary 50), Shirley Cattunar (Mary 75), Rebecca Jensen (Flirt)
Choreography Rebecca Jensen, Camilla van Rosendal
Lighting John McKissock

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I liked this sharing and gonna pass through this to my father after ending mine Hope he will like this.

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Stay tuned my friend! Thanks

01.07 | 20:15

So I hear your next book is going to be coming out soon MR Palmieri...
That's fantastic and I for one can't wait!!

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