Theatre play by Pasquale M Palmieri
Inspired by the mythological fable of Hercules stealing Diana's favourite deer, DEANA VP (Vice President) whisks you into a busy pocket of Melbourne’s high flyers living in a hypothetical Australian Republic.
Opening with a quick snippet over a few thousand years ago, in Imperial Rome, DEANA VP is the tale of a modern dysfunctional group of people confronting an age-old conundrum: the dichotomies between genders, sex and power.

Opened 1 June 2012 Australian Premiere
Chapel Off Chapel Theatre, Melbourne

Produced by M I F
Directed by Izeqiel McCoy
Lighting John McKissock Console Tom Willis

Shirley Cattunar / Latona (The wealthy business woman) Leto/Letum, Diana’s mother and Titan Goddess of being unseen and evasive
Lana Meltzer / Deana VP (Vice President) Diana, the virgin maiden Goddess of the Hunt, Nature and all Creatures
Claudia Greenstone / Aphro (The Sex Therapist) Aphrodite,the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality
Troy Larkin / Polo (The gay actor out of work) Apollo, Diana’s twin brotherand God of Light, Music, Poetry and the Arts
Ange Arabatzis / Ercole (Also starring as Fliko) Hercules, the invincible hero Half-God,disguised as his half brother Iphicles (Fliko) son of Amphitryon and Alcmene
Camilla van Rosendal & William Ramsay / Dancers/choreography


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I liked this sharing and gonna pass through this to my father after ending mine Hope he will like this.

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Stay tuned my friend! Thanks

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So I hear your next book is going to be coming out soon MR Palmieri...
That's fantastic and I for one can't wait!!

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