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Starting the conversation with a question/survey:

Is falling in love @ 50/60+ marvellous or ridiculous?

Would this excerpt from "40 Something" still fit the occasion or sound ridiculous?

Their heartbeat could almost be heard outside their bodies when their lips touched, a soft touch, gently pulling each other in, with their fingers entangled as if they wanted never to be apart again. They kissed.

A different kiss than when they hugged at the studio. Still deep and wet and passionate, but this time with something more profound than just lust, more mysterious than just sexual attraction, more potent than just erotic.

The desire to meet inside became unbearable. Looking into each other's eyes, they lay down on the sofa, their bodies glued to one another wanting to be fused into one.

They kept staring into each other's eyes, absorbing the warmth of that gaze deeper and deeper as if their inner persons were slowly stripping bare, losing the fear of revealing their true self and tell an untold story anew. One that had been experienced before, but which felt as if new, like every new beginning, every sunrise lighting the start of a new day, when anything is still possible, looking at the horizon with curiosity and breathless impatience.

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30.08 | 20:48

I liked this sharing and gonna pass through this to my father after ending mine https://www.goldenbustours.com/seattle-tour-packages/. Hope he will like this.

02.07 | 13:48

Stay tuned my friend! Thanks

01.07 | 20:15

So I hear your next book is going to be coming out soon MR Palmieri...
That's fantastic and I for one can't wait!!

14.01 | 10:50

Aneila welcome to our forum and for your contribution. Unfortunately our system allows for only 140 characters, could you please expand after "However"? Thank U